Changelog & News

ePSXe v2.0.8, released on 06.16.2017

  • Dropbox API migrated from v1 to v2
  • The optional epsxe plugins are now available as APK from Google Play (opengl/sevenzip)
  • Fixed some crashes on gamelist scanning
  • More misc fixes

ePSXe v2.0.7, released on 09.27.2016

  • Changes required to complain with Google policies

ePSXe v2.0.6, released on 06.25.2016

  • Updated the local netplay feature. Now it should be compatible with the rest of ePSXe ports from the version 2.0.5 (Windows, Linux, Linux x64 and MacOSX)
  • Added a lot of new color skins (thank to Javier ~ JZX1673)
  • Fixed a crash when using the autosave option
  • Fixed the input profiles when using the gpu renderer=hardware+shaders
  • Fixed enable brightness profiles during gameplay
  • Added an option to disable the touchscreen press button effect
  • Updated the opengl plugin to v16 (minnor fixes)
  • Added a grid to the touchscreen gamepad editor
  • Added language Hungarian (Eliterarking).

ePSXe v2.0.5, released on 05.27.2016

  • Improved local netplay feature (fixing some desync problems). Besides the loadstate should not desync the emulation and this feature will be compatible with the rest of ePSXe ports from the version 2.0.3 (Windows, Linux, Mac).
  • Unified the X86 and ARM dynarec. Now both versions are compatible using the local netplay feature.
  • Included an animation effect in the touchcreen buttons when a button is pressed.
  • Added a new option preferences+blit skip to enable blit skip how it was the default previous to the version 2.0.2
  • Improved CDROM timing accuracy, bugs and change disc problems. Improved the timing when seeking and reading cdrom sectors, fixed Tales of Destiny 2 changedisc and fixed Twins Story and Harukanaru Toki no Naka de - Banjou Yuugi.
  • Fixed a slowdown bug in Koudelka
  • Fixed cheat codes support on interpreter mode
  • Added languages Brazilian (Gabriel) and Indonesian (Insani).

ePSXe v2.0.2, released on 02.17.2016

  • Improved GPU timing (while it is implemented in all gpu modes, it is more accurate in Hw renderer+1-thread mode). Fixes Derby Stallion, Derby Stallion 99, Namco Vol.4, NBA Live 99, Sangokushi Eiketsuden, Tunguska ... It will be auto-enabled in games known to need this feature, but you can enable it in all games in the preferences - with performance penalty.
  • Added an option to PSX CPU overclock - you can use this option to increase internal framerate in some games but it requires a very fast device
  • Improved a problem with auto-frameskipping when enabling shaders or x2 renderer options
  • Fixed covers on nvidia shield tablet
  • Fixed horizontal screen resolution and better centering: Hogs or wars, Star Ocean 2 ...
  • Fixed CPU interpreter mode on Android and fixed a bug delay branch

ePSXe v2.0.0, released on 02.17.2016

  • Added simple shaders support. In this version you can select the shader to use, it can be NONE, FXAA, CRT-Hyllian, xBR-LV2-3D, CRT-lottes or other custom shader (Thanks to Hyllian and Lottes). It is possible from the shader selection screen to download a pack of shaders or you can add your own shaders
  • Added support for 2D-Filters: 2xSAI and xBRZx2/4 (thanks to Zenju). When enabling xBRZ filter, x2/x4 resolution will be disabled, because the filter does not work with internal scaling
  • Added support for Sub-pixel preccision to hardware renderers
  • Fixed garbage on borders in some games in hardware renderers
  • Fixed vibration on player 1
  • Fixed the game The Hive
  • Fixed PBP support on Nexus Player in android 6.0
  • Fixed some crashes while scanning games
  • Added more gamepads profiles: Mad Catz, Xiomi
  • Fixed ECM indexing block size when using MDF files

ePSXe v1.9.40, released on 11.24.2015

  • Experimental support: local netplay (using wifi or wifi-direct). Requirements: 1) the same game in both devices (in device 2, the game has that be visible in gamelist) 2) the same bios version in both devices. 3) both devices connected to the same wifi-router, or paired using wifi-direct. Steps to use: 1) In device1, select multiplayer+Localnet player1 (Server), select the game, and it will show the IP for the second player 2) In device2, select multiplayer+Localnet player2 (Client), insert the IP got from the player1. Note: Loadstate is supported, but not recommended/stable!!
  • Updated opengl plugin to v15, updated the gpustatus interlaced code to fix some problems
  • Fixed MDECs in GPU x4 resolution option.
  • Fixed autofire in threading modes
  • Added a new option to remove the gamepad/joystick filter while searching for new gamepads
  • When mapping buttons, now it is possible to unmap pressing long in a button in the buttonlist (required for Android tv)
  • Fixed a bug in Medievil II background music
  • Fixed Tenchu memcards on bios HLE mode

ePSXe v1.9.39, released on 11.24.2015

  • Improved OpenGL Plugin performance on some complex scenes. V14 relays on ePSXe core functions so it wont work on prior versions 1.9.39
  • Added support for config profiles by game (during gameplay menu+more options+game profile+save game profile
  • Added GPU x4 resolution option (sadly currently no phone is fast enough to run this mode with good performance).
  • Improved some widgets on preferences screen (scanlines, overscan ..)
  • Changed on game menu to dialog mode on Android 5.0+ (Fixes Galaxy Tab s2 menu)
  • Fixed some framerate issues in 60FPS games while using sound latency low/very low mode
  • Improved GPU dithering on X86 version

ePSXe v1.9.38, released on 11.05.2015

  • Added a GPU x2 resolution option to improve 3D graphics. A very fast CPU/Phone is required in order to get good framerates. Warning: It can create graphics artifacts mainly in 2D games.
  • Improved GPU Accuracy and fixed some missing logo screens (Tomb Raider)
  • Updated opengl plugin to v12. Fixed a bug broken the games after mdec from v11
  • Added support to re-scan for games in Google TV devices
  • Fixed some HLE bios bugs: World Soccer Jikkyou Winning Eleven 3, Azure Dreams, Jet Moto, Echo Night, Resident Evil 2, Driver, Wild Arms, Jackie Chan Stuntmaster (US)

ePSXe v1.9.37, released on 10.14.2015

  • Changed the menu-options during gameplay for a dialog in Android 5.1+ (It was broken by lastest Samsung rom update - you can select the old menu style from preferences)
  • Fixed the game scanner on Android 6
  • Improved the action buttons deteccion when press in action button area (Choose the nearest if you fail)
  • Fixed regresion: F1 Championship Season 2000
  • Fixed compatibility with the game Little Princess - Maru Oukoko No Ningyou Hime 2
  • Fixed some texture align problems: bof3, power rangers, colin mc rae, timecrisis, rayman
  • Fixed some GPU bugs: test drive 5, ff4

ePSXe v1.9.36, released on 10.01.2015

  • Added support to dynamic DPAD/LStick set preferences+touch gamepad+dynamic dpad=enable (Thanks to Zaf)
  • Added support to dynamic actions buttons set preferences+touch gamepad+dynamic action buttons=enable
  • Added 3 new brightness profiles to HW/FXAA/SW Video renderer (useful on dark games)
  • Added support for overscan top/bottom (use to remove garbage on top/bottom of screen)
  • Fixed the "infamous" freeze bug in Deus battle on Xenogears (Disc2)
  • Fixed graphics garbage in Vigilante 8
  • Improved HLE bios support: Jade Cocoon, MGS PAL and Toca World Touring
  • Fixed Super Pang Collecting regression
  • Fixed a bug in MDEC in Kamen Rider Ryuki

ePSXe v1.9.35, released on 09.16.2015

  • Added support to customize the Portrait Skin (supporting dual shock mode)
  • Improved the error handling while scanning the device for games
  • Fixed a freeze bug in the hw/sw threading mode
  • Added support to map the menu button as a extra button
  • Saved/Restored the current reading gamefaq position after closing the game
  • In moga pocket gamepad, mapped L2/R2 buttons to right analog stick on digital mode
  • Improved gamepad support/profiles (Dual Shock 4, Red Samurai and others)
  • Added a workaround for the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ menu problem
  • Improved HLE bios support: Simcity 2000 and Dokapon
  • Fixed Advanced Blending on the opengl plugin (v11) (performance is slow with this option enabled)

ePSXe v1.9.34, released on 08.13.2015

  • Added VR 3 video modes for Cardboard preferences+VR Modes (it is possible combo with preferences+player1+accelerometer=AXIS_X_AXIS_Y to play games as Spyro the Dragon)
  • Added Justifier/Hyperblaster gun support using touchscreen (preferences+player1+psx pad type=justifier - Lethal Enforcers I and II, Area 51, Die Hard Trilogy, Crypt Killer, Project Horned - Owl)
  • Improved PAL/NTSC Timming (fixes Bust a Groove 1 and 2 - use very low/lowest sound latency modes)
  • Added autofire support (preferences+player1+autofire/autofire button)
  • Added support to config 4 touchscreen profiles
  • Added support to save/auto-restore touchscreen config by game (psx pad type/mode/profile/autofire)
  • Improved compatiblity in gpu software threading mode
  • Updated Japanesse and Russian translations (Nekokabu and Алексей)
  • Fixed a bug in GPU (Chrono Cross fort Dragonia polygon)
  • Fixed regresion on GPU (Ridge Racer)

ePSXe v1.9.33, released on 07.27.2015

  • Added scanlines support (transparency+thickless can be configured)
  • Added support to reduce rendering resolution in openGL plugin
  • Added support to change a lot of video/audio/input options during gameplay
  • Added an option to reset the game during gameplay
  • Added support to edit the cheat codes and load cheat codes from a file
  • Fixed a bug loading MDS/MDF files with sector size 2352+subchannel
  • Improved the welcome configuration information (currently just English/Spanish)
  • Fixed a bug in some gameshark codes (conditional) and added 0x10/11,0x20/21,0xc2 types
  • Fixed a bug with the music in the game Future Cop 01

ePSXe v1.9.31/32, released on 07.01.2015

  • Added support to upload/download savestates/memcards to dropbox
  • Added support to uncompress 7z/zip files
  • Fixed a freeze bug in the hw/sw threading mode
  • Fixed a dynarec regression in the game Crash bash
  • Fixed a hle compatiblity regression in Silent Hill
  • Now it is possible select the mode OD=4 in the opengl plugin

ePSXe v1.9.29/30, released on 06.22.2015

  • Preliminary Android TV support
  • Fixed HD Plugin on X86 devices (please re-download v8 version)
  • Updated opengl plugin to version 8 (fixed crash in low ram devices)
  • Fixed some HLE bios bugs: Ms. Pac-Man - Maze Madness, Marvel vs Capcom, Frogger 2, KKND Krossfire
  • Fixed a texture align problem: Alien Trilogy

ePSXe v1.9.28, released on 06.01.2015

  • Added a new gpu threading mode software/hardware renderer preferences+hw/sw threading mode (improved performance in dual/quad core devices)
  • Fixed some GPU regressions: Medievil, NHL Blitz, Metal Slug X Improved CPU/GTE/GPU accuracy
  • Updated opengl plugin to version 8 (fixed crash in low ram devices)
  • Fixed some HLE bios bugs: Metal gear solid, Diablo, Ridge Racer Type 4
  • Fixed a bug mapping dpap-buttons in gamepads
  • Fixed download button on preferences+gpu plugin, point to v8 version
  • Now it is possible to disable player gamepads (Hogs of War)

ePSXe v1.9.27, released on 05.25.2015

  • Improved CPU/GTE/GPU accuracy
  • Added a widescreen mode (preferences+screen ratio=widescren)
  • Fixed some games: soul blade (edge mode), Jumping Flash 2, Atari Collection vol 2 - Marble Madness, Formula One 2000 (menu music), Cinema Eikaiwa - Boys Life, Sidewinder 2 (intro), diablo 2 (garbage), Metal Slug X Vehicle (level 2), Alien Resurecction, Glocal Excite, Legend of Legaia (mirror scene), Captain Commando (bosses), Resident Evil 2 (no dual shock version)
  • Fixed some game regressions: Duke Nukem Land of babes, Rugrats Studio/Reptar, Mary Kate, C-12 Resistence, Roland Garros 2001...
  • Fixed some HLE bios bugs: BOF3, Persona, Final Fantasy Tactics, Civilization II, Digimon World 2003...
  • Improved multitap support (more games supported)
  • Updated opengl plugin to version 7 (more vertex precission)
  • Added new options to preferences - CPU interpreter (more accurated but very slow) and DMA chain core
  • Added an option to see the gamepad axis in preferences+playerX+player X map axis+gamepad test axis
  • Added options to report preferences/gamepad info/folders info by email to the developers in the UI menu
    • ePSXe v1.9.25/26, released on 01.26.2015

      • Several fixes to memcards in bios HLE mode: Suikoden 2, ff9, Harvest Moon ...
      • Change memcards by game mode, to use just the same memcards for different discs in the same game
      • Added a new gamelist mode (grid covers) preference+game browsermode+game list
      • Added an experimental option to use the accelerometer
      • Fixed gargabe around to the menu in Android 5.0
      • Added support to music in PBP compressed isos with raw track info
      • Fixed mini-screenshot in HLE+plugin opengl mode
      • Fixed Driver 1, Driver 2 and Saga Frontier 2 in bios HLE mode
      • GPU: Blaster Master - Blasting Again
      • OpenGL Plugin: Updated to V6 (fixed top/bottom bars color)
      • Fixed Russian translation

      ePSXe v1.9.24, released on 10.29.2014

      • Fixed X86 native arch in some devices with Android 4.4 (thanks to James Leaver)
      • Fixes to gamepad skins (thank to Javier ~ JZX1673)

      ePSXe v1.9.22/23, released on 10.25.2014

      • Fixed a bug saving memcards in HLE mode
      • When using HLE mode, force to individual memcards by game (it doesn't delete your memcards, it creates new memcards

      ePSXe v1.9.21, released on 10.24.2014

      • Added experimental HLE Bios emulation. Important: Savestates are NOT compatile with savestates done with an official ps1 bios (namespace is different). It is recommend to increase accuracy and compatibility to use an official ps1 bios.
      • Again it is possible to see which game you select in gamelist when you are not using touchscreen
      • Added a new vibration mode to tables with integrated gamepad buttons
      • Added a new option to get memcards by game instead of common memcards
      • Fixed SBI files load when it is "patches" folder (as PC versions)
      • Fixed Vanark freeze on gameplay
      • Fixed Tomba 2 background music on gameplay

      ePSXe v1.9.20, released on 07.25.2014

      • Added threading support to OpenGL plugin mode. 3 modes added: 2-threads, 2-threads + effects, 2-threads + extra effects. If you have a fast device, you will get extra effects using the 2 modes adding effects (example: swirls in ff series). (get from
      • Changed some options by default in OpenGL plugin
      • Fixed a bug in Moga Native support with axis range
      • Added extra/combo buttons support to portrait mode
      • Updated the pad skins thanks to Javier ~ X1673
      • Better detection incomplete/corrupted PS1 Bios
      • Detection of games requiring SBI files in gamelist
      • Fixes some crashes on exit
      • Added a mode to play using other smartphone (in local network) as gamepad for player2

      ePSXe for Android 1.9.19, released on 06.18.2014

      • Updated HD/OpenGL plugin - fixed Powervr 5XX cards and minnor fixes (get from
      • Added dithering support to hardware/neon gpu plugin (added a mode to enable it even in games not supporting it)
      • Added extra/combo buttons support to portrait mode
      • Added support to show a gamefaq during gameplay (copy to sdcard/epsxe/faqs/PSX-CODE and open from gameplay options)
      • Added Portuguese translation (Marco Freire)
      • Fixes to soft gpu accurate mode
      • Added options to choose the default language or english on preferences
      • Added vibration support to Xperia Play
      • Fixed some crashes reading the preferences
      • Fixed a crash when scanning games (cdda cue file)
      • Fixed Bugs Bunny and Taz - Time Busters, The Grinch, and Shin Megami Tensei - If

      ePSXe for Android 1.9.15, released on 01.28.2014

      • Updated to Android 4.0 UI
      • Updated logo: Robert Typek
      • Added language Korean (Duo Jeon).
      • Added fullscreen immersion support in Android 4.4
      • Added 32bit blit support
      • Include support in the blit for Sony Tablet P
      • Fixed some glitches in blit in gpu hardware renderer
      • Added support to a new very low latency sound mode
      • Support automap for more gamepads: wikipad, ps4, Samsung EI-GP20, jxd s7800b
      • Added support to map the triggers L2/R2 on map buttons screen
      • Fixed l1-l1/r2-r1 in portrait mode
      • Added support to map the triggers L2/R2
      • Added gamepad autodetection when pressing a button during gameplay
      • Added support set the gamepad skin transparency
      • Included support for bluetooth keyboards
      • Added support for SBI files in MDS/MDF format
      • Added support to rename the shortcuts
      • Fixed PPF support on Android
      • Include support to delete savestates (press long on savestate)
      • Added a new ECM indexer with progress bar
      • Included option to download the HD opengl plugin
      • GPU: Fixed Mad Stalker - Full Metal Force Intro
      • Fixed Kidou Senshi Gundam - Gihren no Yabou CD2

      ePSXe for Android 1.9.14, released on 12.05.2013

      • Added languages Japanese (Nekokabu), Chinese (Chow Chi Hoi), Russian (Ultra Taber), German (Thomas), Italian (Luca), Finnish (Jesse)

      ePSXe for Android 1.9.12, released on 11.11.2013

      • Fixed a bug releasing key button
      • Fixed a regression on subchannel code
      • Improved automapping on Moga PRO HID mode.

      ePSXe for Android 1.9.11, released on 08.11.2013

      • Fixed a regression on Xperia Play Circle Button, and improved Xperia Play detection.
      • Fixed a bug using SBI files. Final Fantasy 8 PAL/ITA, Medievil 1 PAL/SPA.
      • Re-enabled trick to run Chinese Final Fantasy 8 Translation
      • Fixed a core bug: Nba in the Zone 2000

      ePSXe v1.9.6-10, released on 28.10.2013

      • Added auto-mapping support with some gamepads (Sixaxis, Xbox, Logitech, Ouya, Nvidia, Nyko)
      • Fixed some graphic glitches on opengl plugin for Adreno 320/330 Gpus
      • Added support to choose during mapping the back/menu buttons on PS3/Xbox/Logitech gamepads
      • Added support to map a button to menu option. (back=menu by default on Nvidia Shield)
      • Fixed a possible race condition saving memcards
      • Mapped the touchpad buttons to L2/R2 in Xperia Play when playing on Digital mode
      • Added cache to gamelist doing it faster to show the gamelist
      • Fixed reversed extra functions save/loadstates
      • Included support to change the folder while doing a changedisc
      • Fixed shortcuts on xperia play
      • Included support to autodetect games not supporting dualshock and disabling it
      • Fixes some core/video bugs (NBA Live 99, Kamen Rider V3, Omizu no Hanamichi, Yuukyuu no Eden - The Eternal Eden, Blasto, Standby Say You, Twins Story, Star Wars Rebelt Assault 2, Arcade Pack Party -Rampage-, NHL Faceoff 2001, Yeh Yeh Tennis, Worms Armaggedon, Worms Pinball, Crash Bash ...)

      ePSXe v1.9.5, released on 03.08.2013

      • Added a workaround to get sound on Android 4.3
      • Added support for Namco Gun using touchscreen
      • Fixed some problems on some joysticks with l2/r2 buttons
      • Added more extra combo and sticky virtual buttons

      ePSXe v1.9.4./1.9.3, released on 03.07.2013

      • Added Moga Gamepads native support. Sync your gamepad with moga pivot. In preferences+player1+pad id=moganative. Choose preferences+player1+psx pad type=dualshock if you want analog. No mapping or root needed.
      • Fixed Analog range. Ape Escape.
      • Fixed Analog sticks on players 2-4.
      • Added Xbox Wireless gamepad support (Thanks Gabriel)
      • Fixed Sakura 3 Eternal Heart Game

      ePSXe v1.9.2, released on 08.06.2013

      • Removed bluetooth permission required, fixes devices without bluetooth

      ePSXe v1.9.1, released on 08.06.2013

      • Removed READ_LOGS option from release, used only on testing versions

      ePSXe v1.9.0, released on 31.05.2013

      • Added support for BluezIME gamepads, using the BluezIME Service. Now it supports analog (tested with Ipega Controller, but others gamepads using BluezIME+Hid could work). This version supports only 1 pad using this method (more improvements on future versions) (Android 3.0 - 4.1)(4.2+ Not supported).
      • Added support for Trigger L2/R2 buttons, and improved the native joysticks profiles. Better game pad support for Xbox, Logitech F310/F510, Sixaxis, Nvidia Shield
      • Fixed a bug on gamepad analog managing, which mixed the d-pad and left stick values on Dual Shock Mode
      • Resorted the input preferences. Now the TouchScreen Gamepad is on the top level, controllers renamed to Player1-4, and in each Player you have to choose: psx gamepad type, android gamepad type and gamepad ID
      • TouchScreen pad may be set to player-1 or player-2 (Metal Geat Solid Boss)
      • TouchScreen added support to add until 6 extra buttons which you can map "load/save state", framelimit, combo action buttons or sticky action buttons
      • Added a more visible option to Hide/Show touchscreen gamepad
      • Added support to add custom touchscreen gamepad skins
      • Added support to choose your memcard files on preferences, and enable/disable memcards
      • Improved the games sdcard scanner, now it scans the external sdcards, and show the file browser when it doesn't find any game
      • Fixed glconfig toolbar when choosing external gamepad
      • Opengl plugin, added support for the 5 types of filters
      • Added a options to show the PSX logo during the boot time
      • Fixes some core bugs (Spyro2,Spryo3 PAL, Crash Bash - Menu, Kids Station - Motto, Kiganjo and others)

      ePSXe v1.8.9, released on 30.03.2013

      • Added experimental multitap support (4 players). Depending on the game you need to enable multitap port 1 or 2. Dont enable if you aren't going to play multitap
      • Added xperia play touchpad support (enable on preferences-pad1-map axis)
      • Optimizated opengl plugin for 2d games (Chrono cross/Valkyrie Profile)
      • Fixes some core bugs (sf2 alpha, nba live 98)

      ePSXe v1.8.8, released on 16.02.2013

      • Added support for 2 joysticks
      • Added the possibility to make shortcuts - long click about a game in browser game list
      • Added a option to map some emulator functions to hardware buttons (like the save/load states)
      • Fixed glconfig toolbar on portrait opengl plugin renderer

      ePSXe v1.8.7, released on 11.02.2013

      • Added extra sanity checks to gamelist browser (if it is crashing yet, please report to our email)
      • Added the disc number to game names in the gamelist browser
      • Fixed opengl plugin on portrait mode

      ePSXe v1.8.6, released on 08.02.2013

      • Fixed cue multi file iso format support
      • Added a new path to scan for iso on "Reload" button

      ePSXe v1.8.5, released on 07.02.2013

      • Added a new game browser mode, which scans the sdcard for games and show the list of games with cover and game information (old file browser mode can be re-enabled on preferences)
      • Added auto-discover bios on sdcard feature
      • Added cue multi file iso format support
      • Added preliminary ECM iso format support

      ePSXe v1.8.4, released on 05.01.2013

      • Fixed download cheat codes files button on Android 4+
      • Added experimental native support for Joysticks on Android 3.1+, including analog sticks
      • Added native support for Intel Atom X86 devices (Motorola Razr i) (If you want to use the opengl plugin, it is avaiable for x86 in )
      • Added native support for Intel X86 devices (Motorola Razr i)
      • Added an option to enable/disable auto savestates on exit
      • Added an option to force MME enable if neon is not detected
      • Fixed a SPU bug (music in Pacman World after pause)

      ePSXe v1.8.3, released on 20.12.2012

      • Fixed touchscreen pad on portrait mode
      • Added a new pad skin on portrait mode
      • Added a option to download cheat codes files from
      • Added support for D0-D3 and E0-E3 Gameshark codes
      • Fixed some bugs in PadEditor when editing analog pad
      • Fixed a GPU bug (Final Fantasy 6 battles background glitches)

      ePSXe v1.8.2, released on 17.12.2012

      • Added landscape reverse mode support
      • Added a new experimental low latency audio option
      • Fixed some crashes when exiting with home button
      • Fixed loadstate when you did a state with home button in a multi-disc rom
      • Fixed center analog axis on start
      • Fixed 2 players split mode controls

      ePSXe v1.8.1, released on 14.12.2012

      • Added analog support to touchscreen pad. Preferences+Pad1+PadMode (PadEditor+Swap Mode) (read 3.5.6)
      • Improved touchscreen controls
      • Fixed some GPU bugs (Duke Nukem: Total Meltown, Guardian Recall, and some border glitches)
      • Fixed some SPU bugs (Goujin Senki, Kururin Pa!)
      • Improved SPU emulation (Better reverb and interpolation, only in high quality sound option on)
      • Fixed some CDROM decoder bugs (Rayman, Tempest X3, Duke Nukem: Land of babes, Firo and Klawd, Stahlfeder)

      ePSXe v1.8.0, released on 09.11.2012

      • Added Peopsxgl OpenGL plugin support, download the plugin from, copy it in your sdcard, and choose it in preferences+GPUPlugin, and choose preferences+VideoRender+OpenGLPlugin.
      • Added multi-disc PBP support.
      • Fixed some GPU bugs (Doom, Final Doom, Star Wars Dark Forces, Soul Blade water level).
      • Fixed some SPU bugs (Eithea, Tales of Destiny, Jammer Lammy (High Quality option required))
      • Fixed some CDROM decoder bugs (Shaman King - level 3)
      • Added a option to remove the top/bottom black bands on screen
      • Ported more fixes from 1.8.0 for PC (audio repplay fix and others)

      ePSXe v1.7.11, released on 16.10.2012

      • Added a touchscreen virtual pad1 editor. Now you can move/resize/hide the buttons. (only in hardware renderer)
      • Added Gameshark cheat codes suppport, check the docs to enable it in your games.
      • Added a new pad skin. (only in hardware renderer)
      • Fixed some GPU bugs (Alundra 2, Legend of Dragoon US, Pro Pinball TimeShock).
      • Fixed some MDEC bugs (Yarudora Series Vol.1 - Double Cast, Heart of Darkness).
      • Fixed some SPU bugs (FF7-FFT-Xenogears effects, Vib Ribbon, Spyro2 US, Thousand Arms).

      ePSXe v1.7.10, released on 03.10.2012

      • Added a new hardware renderer. It is faster and smoother than software one. If you have speed problems, you can enable the old software renderer again in preferences
      • Fixed some GPU bugs (Bof3, Medievil, Detana Twinbee Yahho)

      ePSXe v1.7.9, released on 25.09.2012

      • Fixed some Dynarec bugs (Brave Fence Musashi, Legend of Dragon, Lucky Luke, C-12 Final Resistence)
      • Fixed some GPU bugs (X-Files, Vandal Heart crashes, Saga Frontier)
      • Fixes in audio tracks in PBP format (Tomb Raider 1 and 2)
      • Now on preferences you can see the choosen option

      ePSXe v1.7.8, released on 14.09.2012

      • Added new options, screen ratio 4:3, software filtering, PSX dithering enable/disable, Sound Latency Modes
      • Fixed some GPU bugs (DW7 crashes, - FF7, Driver, RRT4, PE, Ff9 artifacts - FF7 scroll - Tony Hawks, Die Hard Trilogy missing textures
      • Improved audio tracks in PBP format
      • Compatibility fixes ported from PC 1.7.0/1.8.0: Formula One Arcade/99, Shaman King, Eldergate ..
      • Fixed some spu bugs, Re-Loaded, Legend of Dragon.

      ePSXe v1.7.7, released on 07.09.2012

      • Fixed support for Tegra2 devices, tested in S. Galaxy Tab, Sony Tablet S and Acer Iconia A500. (thanks C. Allen, K. Pompper, K. WAN, M. Hunger, J. L. Fuentes).
      • Fixed some GPU bugs (Valkyrie Profile, Metal Gear Solid, Looney Tunes Racing),(thanks P. Vang, T. Larkin)
      • Improved the frameskip functions (Dragon Ball F. Bout), and new option enable frameskip only in high-resolution.
      • Fixed some crashes in blit code. (Driver/2 are now working on Nexus S devices). (thanks T. Larkin)

      ePSXe v1.7.6, released on 02.09.2012

      • Hardware buttons (Xperia Play, keyboards, and external pads - wii, ps3, xbox).
      • Compatibility fixes.

      ePSXe v1.7.5, released on 29.08.2012

      • First version for Android.
      • Updates over ePSXe v1.7.0 for PC: PBP Iso support, and SBI subchannel support.
      • 2 players split mode option for Tablets
      • New gpu core featuring neon support
      • Misc fixes in the core emulation